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Why not celebrate your little one's birthday in style with one of our famous 'Cake Smash' photo shoots, let them go wild on a delicious, messy cake while our photographers snap away to create some amazing memories.

Cake smash photo shoots are generally catered for 1st birthday celebrations but we can also cater for late birthday celebrations or even up to two years old. Siblings are welcome to join in on the bake bashing action too, we also encourage parents to spur little ones on to make as much mess as they can.

What We Suggest To Bring Along...

First things first - A Cake

The messier the better, soft icing or cream exterior cakes work well. Don't worry we will clean up the mess as long as there is some left over!

Birthday Outfit

Before the mess begins we tend to get some portrait shots, so we suggest bringing along an outfit to get some pre cake smash photographs in.

Birthday Props

Here are some suggestions to help compliment your cake smash photo shoot - Birthday Balloons, Birthday Cards, Party Hats, Banners or Bunting.

Wipes / Towels

Things are going to get messy so remember to bring lots of baby wipes and even a towel to clean your little one up, also a fresh pair of clothes for the little one and one for yourself, you never know how messy things may get!

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