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4 Reasons Family Photo Shoots & Portraits are Important...

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to do the things you should be doing as a family - and all too often it can feel impossible to get the full family in one room, for longer than ten minutes. It’s the same story with family portrait photography and shoots - most families know they should have one, most families want keepsake photographs to pass down through generations - but it’s just something which slips the mind.


Below, we run through four reasons why you should book a Family Photo Shoot for your family, as soon a possible.

1. Create Family Heirlooms

In today’s world of Digital Photos and Smartphones - it’s often difficult to keep photographs in one place. The dependency on digital also means that if a phone or computer breaks, which is not backed up - photos are lost. Real photographs are different, they are to be framed, cherished, looked at, handled and most importantly - handed down the generations. Creating memorable keepsakes for generations of your family to enjoy looking at.

2. Get Everyone Together

As we mentioned above, it can feel almost impossible at times to get the family together. Booking a family photoshoot can be the perfect reason to get the family united - enjoying the family photoshoot together before heading out for a family meal, or night in.


The family photoshoot serves to bring everyone together, in a fun and relaxed environment to make memories. It’s always worth considering too - that for work reasons, illness or age the opportunity of a family portrait and photoshoot with your full family, will not always be possible.

Tip* - Try and book your session around the seasonal holidays like Christmas or bank holidays to make sure everyone has the time to come along!

3. Plot Growth

Plotting Growth sounds like something a business coach would say, but the growth we are talking about is much more exciting than any form of business growth. A yearly family photoshoot helps track how your children and families are growing up and evolving - helping you create a record from a young age to adulthood - capturing all of the weird phases and quirks along the way.

4. It Doesn't Need To Cost The Earth

The inexpensive cost of a family photoshoot, is far exceeded by the sentimental value of having such an experience and photograph. At The Studio, our Family Shoot Experiences start at just £39 - providing a stunning keepsake and fun experience for a very small financial outlay.



Why not check out our full range of family photo shoot services, here and just get in touch if you would like to book a shoot.  We are based in Middlesbrough.

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