Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a show on FluentRadio?

Email us at to request an application. Please note, all applicants must be local and broadcast live from our station in Oak Lawn, IL.

What is the subscription info?

All host(s) are contracted subscribers of FluentRadio and lease time over our air waves to host their very own show. Subscription fees are paid monthly and vary based on air time lenght requested. Email us for more info at

How many followers/listeners does FluentRadio have?

FluentRadio has approximately a combined 100K followers and radio listeners (and growing).

How can I find FluentRadio on social media?

We can be found on all social media platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) as "FluentRadio". Please like, subscribe, share and follow.

Who owns FluentRadio?

The owners of FluentRadio are MisTaFluent and Laydie Fluent.

I'm an artist. Can I have my music aired on FluentRadio?

Yes. To have your music considered for radio play, please submit your music (MP3 format) to us via email at We offer monthly competitive low rate.

What type of music does FluentRadio play?

We play the latest hip hop, R&B, alternative, old school and soft rock.

Is BossFluent Entertainment an affiliate of FluentRadio?

BossFluent Entertainment (BFE) is the hub company of FluentRadio. BFE is a multimedia entertainment company.