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At The Studio we focus on creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for photo shoots and as family portrait specialists we have been doing this for 12 years. Aiming to capture more natural shots in order to highlight a more genuine personality.

During Photography
Our team will arrive at the agreed time to set-up our studio equipment, our process is efficient and our work-flow can work around the routine of your children and nursery.
Our approach will be warm, relaxed and friendly towards the children at your nursery.
If any children have a specific carer or team member at your nursery please make sure they are present during their photography time to allow to be as relaxed as possible, after all we know that this can be a little different to their daily routine.

After Photography
Post production (editing) of photographs takes place after your photography session meaning that images are regularly complete within just a few days for parents or guardians to view. This is dependant on the volume of children photographed during your session. 

Ordering System
Our simple online ordering system is user-friendly for your families to place their orders for printed photographs, digital images or even packages with a mixture of prints and digital. Competitive prices on products are tailored to suit all budgets. In addition to this, families who would like to place an order of any amount would also receive a family photo shoot package voucher at our Middlesbrough studio.

Your Incentive
A percentage of revenue from orders will be given to your nursery once all orders have been processed, we will also offer your families a percentage of discount on any orders placed for products exclusively to nursery and day care organisations.



What Our Client's Say

“Amazing and professional experience for the children and the nursery as a whole, the after-care has been very professional too and our parents have been blown away by the quality of the photographs. A faultless experience, not just like your typical traditional school photographer. Thank you so much!”.
~ Nicci Wright - Operations Director at Zizu’s Day Care Centre




Our Company Director & Photographer

With over 15 years experience in photography and design, Andy has worked with educational establishments and businesses across all sectors to deliver the results required.

Being a family man Andy is welcoming to families and children whilst remaining professional and efficient within his trade.

DBS clearance checked

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