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photo repair & restoration

With years of experience in using image editing software, our editors can restore and repair your aged or damaged photographs, remove spots, scratches, creases and blemishes. We can sharpen your blurred images and level the colour and contrast to perfection.

Our photographic restoration services range from a basic correction to intricate restoration depending on the amount of time and effort needed to fully restore your photograph(s) which in turn will define the cost of this service. Along with this we can provide you with a digital copy of your photograph(s) on CD so that your fully restored image will stay preserved for many years to come.

To determine a price for restoring each of your photographs we will need to physically assess each one before giving you a quote. You can post your image to our studio address or pop in and we can assess it straight away. Please get in touch here to arrange your visit.


Prices Range from £15.00 to £40.00, depending on severity of damage.


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