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Pin up & Boudoir Style Make Over Photo Shoots

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The Shoot Prep

We will be looking forward to seeing you at your amazing shoot from the moment you have booked!


The info on this page is absolutely essential to ensure a great photoshoot, so please take great care in reading it all thoroughly and making sure you have done all your prep - trust us, it makes SUCH a difference to the outcome of your images!


We will ask you when you arrive if you have carried out all of the shoot prep as we will need to make special arrangements that might reduce your photoshoot time if you have missed anything out - so here goes...

What To Bring!

Snacks (and optional drinks)

Hair extensions if you would like to use your own.

Garments - Provide your own outfits or costumes depending on the type of look you are wanting - please call us before your shoot to discuss your outfits if you need help!


What To Do!

Plan your journey carefully and please arrive at the studio a few minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes early, there are lots of lovely little cafes around our studio that you can relax in until your appointment time.


Travel to the shoot in comfy clothing not your photo shoot outfit.


We do not recommend fake tan prior to a photo shoot. If you do wish to apply tan, please ensure it is perfectly even and smooth.


Please ensure your eyebrows are shaped/waxed/threaded before your shoot. We recommend this is done professionally.


Nails and toes to be matching and freshly painted and shaped before the shoot (red, nude or pink) - this is really important as bare or chipped/untidy nails can ruin a photo.

You MUST arrive with freshly washed and dried hair without any product in it. If you hair is greasy or dirty in any way, we unfortunately cannot style it.

Please straighten your hair prior to the shoot so it is smooth when we start to style it.

Please have a thorough shower a few hours before your shoot and wear plenty of deodorant. Bring extra spray on deodorant to spritz during your shoot as the posing is  a little bit like a work-out and you may want it!


Please arrive without makeup and hair down or loosely tied. If you don't want to travel make-up-free, you are welcome to remove it all at our studio before having your professional makeover.  If you would like to leave the studio without your makeover make up, please bring make up remover and you can remove it all at the studio after your shoot at your leisure.


Please ensure your photo shoot has been paid in full  before you arrive for your booking.

If you have any questions before the shoot,  drop us a message.

Please read through our FAQ page before your shoot - it's good for you to be fully versed on how we work before your photo shoot!


Lastly - THE most important preparation you can do:

Have a really good look through our gallery, facebook page and instagram so on the day you can give us an idea of which themes, outfits, looks and styles you like most and would like to do at your shoot - screen grab or print out the images you like to show us at your consultation please. Don't worry, you don't need to know exactly what you want before you arrive, but having a look first will help us get the best images for you - and we'll have a chat about it before we start the shoot!

​Thank you!


After your 5 Star Cheesecake makeover and photo shoot you can opt for more

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